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Welcome to I draw, Art is Fun forum

Post by ElenaMalec on Sat May 31, 2014 6:04 pm

Welcome are all those who want to learn to draw, to learn using graphite, colored pencils, pastel pencils, soft pastel or oil pastels.This forum is for you and the idea of a forum starts with a book of teaching drawing still life.
Drawing still life is an easy and unexpensive way to start learning drawing as long as you can arrange your own still life settings in your home and just draw them. Drawing from life will train your eye and hand draw real objects you can see 3d on your tabletop.Unlike photographs drawing from life teaches how to see light, shadow, how to estimate proportions and perspective. You can always take a photo of your own arrangements and keep it as reference, but it is preferable to draw from life.
What will we learn and talk here? Art basics, medium, still life art.
Art basics: line drawing, shapes, forms, light and shade, values, composition, reflections, proportions, perspective.
Learn about making your still life arrangements and taking photos.
Color, color wheel, primary, secondary, tertiary colors, etc.
Tools of trade: graphite, colored pencils, pastel pencils, soft pastels, oil pastels.
Challenges on themes or based on photos.
Advice, tips, work in progress topics, resources, links, videos.
Please be patient and kind with all members or guests.

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